Basic Rules of Dating for LDS Singles

A few face it: dating in the LDS community is a little different than the world of courting outside of it. For one thing, LDS true romance date with the purpose of finding a good eternal partner – marriage is not just for the here and now. It is forever and eternity. Also, marriage is really important within the LDS faith: it is ordained by God, and it is necessary to obtain the highest heavenly state after mortality.

Nonetheless, no one should rush by means of dating, just to get married. And even when dating, one must be careful and sure to follow certain “rules. ” Here are some accepted rules of dating for LDS singles:

16 – This is generally an acceptable age to start dating. Thirteen, a common age inside other communities to start dating, is too young.
Keep it fun when you are young – At first, dating needs to be just for fun. It is a good time for you to start to get an idea of what you are searching for in a partner. Don’t get too serious right off the bat – more likely than not, your soul mate will not be the first, or even the second or even eighth person you date.
Severe dating – For boys, you a chance to start dating more seriously is usually after a mission. For girls, more serious dating can start after high school.
Date individuals with the same high standards. Don’t be prepared to be able to change anyone.
The more people you meet and date, the better you can decide what you are really looking for in an eternal companion.
Period dates to wholesome places – the zoo, fun restaurants, recreational areas, picnics, hikes, etc . Be inventive: you won’t learn too much about a man or woman if you simply take him or her to the movies.
If you do go to the movies, avoid R-rated ones.
Don’t date on institution nights (this is a good idea, even when in college).
When still in high school, be sure to tell your parents whom you might be going out with, where you are going, and when you will have back.
Go on group dates. Team dates can be a lot of fun, and they also offer an unthreatening way to find new friends. Also, in a group date, everyone seems to be everyone else’s chaperone.
Remain mod¨¦r¨¦e.
Avoid risky situations: avoid staying alone with your date late in the evening.
No heavy petting (“petting” is definitely anything that increases sexual excitement). In general, no touching above the knees or even below the shoulders. Hugs, holding palms, and arms around the waist will be ok. Use your own discretion.
Virtually no passionate kissing. A short kiss, with no use of tongues, is all that is essential.
Remember, the ultimate end and purpose of dating is marriage. While dating take into account qualities that you want in an eternal mate. After all, in the Church of Latter Day Saints, you are married intended for time and all eternity. This is an extremely important commitment: there is no reason to be fast in your decision.

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